2022-2023 MS & DNP Private Alternative Loan Worksheet


    Section I: Estimated Cost of Attendance

                                                           SUMMER          FALL        SPRING
    MS cost per credit:                          $1,682          $1,734        $1,734       
    Doctoral FT flat rate (7-18):            $22,938        $23,628      $23,628
    Doctoral PT flat rate (1-6):              $12,082        $12,446      $12,446
        SUMMER      FALL    SPRING
    Tuition    $                        $    $
    Room & Board    $7,278    $9,704    $12,130
    Fees    $832    $1,134    $1,134
    Health Insurance         $984    $1,596    $2,593
    Loan Fees    $975    $975    $975
    Books & Supplies    $333    $333    $334
    Transportation    $381    $508    $635
    Personal Expenses    $1,320    $1,760    $2,200
    (minus) Total Financial  Aid  
    Alternate Eligibility (unmet need)
    Subtotal and Financial aid have been left blank so that you may calculate exactly which items you would like to borrow for, and what aid you will be accepting. 
    Section II: Will you be applying for your full alternative eligibility?
    Section II: Will you be applying for your full alternative eligibility?
    Please skip Section III, and fill out Section IV if you are not applying for your full alternative eligibility

    Section III: If you are not applying for your full alternative eligibility:
    1. Please log in to NetPartner (https://studentviewer.finaid.columbia.edu/) .
    1. Review the total financial aid per semester (excluding alternate eligibility amounts) on the “Accepted Awards” tab
    1. Determine how much you will borrow in a private loan in the worksheet shown above in Section I.
    1. Complete Section IV in its entirety. Make sure to input the total of your calculations within the disbursement breakdown section below.
    Section IV: Private Loan Form

    Student Information

    Lender Information
    *Disbursement Breakdown: (how much money you want per semester?):
    *Please note, this is a mandatory field. You must specify the disbursement of each semester. Any request changes made after submission will take up to 10-15 business days to process. Check Netpartner for Updates. Consult your FA Administrator on breakdown guidance if needed.
    By submitting this form I acknowledge that if I borrow less than the unmet need in my financial aid package, I am responsible to budget my cost of attendance accordingly, including paying for the difference in the billing statement by the due date. Please allot 7-10 business days for processing. Please note that the terms and conditions of federal student loans may be more beneficial than the terms and conditions of private educational loans.