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    Cross-Registration Request: CUSON OPEN Courses (For Current Columbia University Students Only)

    Students enrolled in a Columbia University program (or affiliate school) can only enroll under one school at a time. If enrolled in another Columbia University program, Nursing allows a limited number of students to cross-register in OPEN courses during the OPEN Change of Program period.

    Please submit the below form if you would like to cross-register in Columbia University School of Nursing's OPEN courses. Submission of this form will place you on a waiting list to cross-register in OPEN courses. Note that submission of this form does not guarantee permission to cross-register.

    If you are offered by Nursing to cross-register in an OPEN course, you will be emailed by the Office of Student Services at Columbia Nursing the week before OPEN classes are scheduled to start. Students will have 3 business days to confirm their seat and register in the approved course(s). Students that do not respond or do not register in 3 business will forfeit their seat, and another student from the waiting list will be contacted.

    Once approved by Columbia Nursing to Cross-Register in OPEN Courses
    Students need permission from their home school to cross-register. Check with your home school for applicable cross-registration policies now. Students approved for cross-registration by their home school will register and be billed through their home school. Students will complete their home-school cross-registration paperwork and/or add/drop form - which Columbia Nursing will approve once a student obtains permission from their home school to cross-register. Prior to registration, students should find out from their home school how cross-registering in a Columbia Nursing course will affect their tuition charges.

    *Barnard Students Note - Per Barnard registration policy, Barnard students cannot enroll in OPEN courses.

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    By signing below, I understand that this form does not guarantee that I will be approved to cross-register in the OPEN program. By submitting this form, I understand that this form only acts as a place holder indicating my interest in cross-registering and that my home school would have to provide me permission to cross-register in nursing courses. If I am approved by Nursing to cross-register, I will be emailed by the Office of Student Services at Columbia Nursing.